Ashes of My Paradise

(Kelly Sweet, Keith Varon, Joshua Crosby, Robert Marvin)

Protected by copyright

I wish you felt the fire
The way it burned the first night
A chemical desire

But now that spark has faded
The love we had is broken
You’re just a shade of jaded

I touch, you pull away
Like glass the fragile moments break
It’s true, it’s true

As smoke floats out your eyes
The ashes of my paradise
Are you, are you

I feel us dying
Two hearts dividing
Ooh, ooh
Am I the only one fighting
Watching us dying
Ooh, Ooh
So hear me in the silence
Hear this cry as evidence
Hear me in the silence
That I still love you

I can’t take the torture
Still the truth is covered
Must be human nature
Cause you’ve denied it a thousand times
But I know you still recall the rapture

Still, in the night I watch your breath
My tears run down, my heart confessed
It’s cold, so cold

Oh help me break the ice
The ashes of my paradise
Don’t go, don’t go

I’d walk the coals to chance it all
My heart will not surrender, heart will not surrender
I’d throw myself into the fire for us